Activities Sainte-Marie Island


Treks on foot or mountain bike, canoe rides, bike rides, 4 x 4, quad bikes:

All around the Samaria exist many walks of destinations.


So you can join very easily, with or without a guide, the most beautiful sites of the island: small waterfall Ankirihiry, natural pools Ambodirano, incredible beaches and coves on the northern tip, the black lake of Ambohidena and its wild coastline, the cascade of Ifotatra, mangroves and the beautiful peninsula Ampanihy …

During the walks and hikes with our guides, inhabitants of the surrounding villages, will share their daily life and culture.

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Whale Safari :

From late June to September, humpback whales or “Mégaptère” up residence around the island of Sainte Marie and in particular in the channel that separates the Big Island.

The calm water at the perfect temperature, shallow and devoid of predators then become the theater of an unprecedented spectacle: here the “Zagnaharibe” or “great gods” as the locals call them come to breed and calve.

At the start of Samaria and often very close to the coast at this point, you can safely observe these majestic mammals and their exciting social life.

Diving :

As for other activities, we propose to organize boat trips and diving sessions.

You will be able to perform baptisms, deep dives, training … with clubs “Lémurien palmé” or Bora Dive.

Relaxation :

Facing the sea, after a day of discovery and adventure, this is the time of true relaxation in the hands of our masseuses.

Privileged moment of relaxation…